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This website is composed to give as much information as possible about the Mataha-expedition. Please read the content carefully, before directing questions to the Mataha-expedition contact persons.

For general information contact Louis De Cordier, the coordinator of the Mataha-expedition. For interviews and statements about the present and future of Hawara, please direct your questions to Dr. Zahi Hawass: Supreme Council of Antiquities, 3 Al-Adel Bakr St., Zamalek, Cairo, Egypt.



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Louis De Cordier

Mataha-expedition coordination & concept
T +32 486 20 85 33


Dr. Abbas Mohamed Abbas (Director of the Hawara Geophysic Survey)
T +2012 1141626

Ghent University

Guy Bovyn: art curator & Kunst-Zicht director
T +32476984993


free copyright images

map sketch (64Kb)

Athanasius Kircher (3Mb)

Luigi Canina (672 Kb)

Napoleon expedition (768 Kb)

labyrinth area (2,2 Mb)

Scanning 1 (3,1 Mb)

Scanning 2 (2,8 Mb)

Scan zones (1,6Mb)

NRIAG result graphic (65kB)

Scan zone A (270 Kb)

Hawara Pyramid (2,2 Mb)

Mataha-scanners (2,5 Mb)

Louis De Cordier (1,4Mb)

Golden Sun Disk (2,3 Mb)